Will stilettos no longer stalk me on the web?

I must admit that I am not always the most diligent with privacy settings on my browser. I do try and block as many tracking devices as possible, but I occasionally get stalked by my shopping habit. As I peruse throughout the web, the bag, shoe or perfect LBD ad pops up convincing this fashionista to buy the “must-haves” left in her online shopping bag.

It’s has been reported that Google is creating its own tracking device called AdID. Here’s a great synopsis of Google’s new strategy to replace the Cookie, specifically 3rd party Cookies on the web. This was extracted from DigitalTrends.com, “Google wants to reinvent the browser cookie – should you be thrilled or terrified?” by Andrew Couts:

“Google has the power to lead the online advertising industry down a new path, so it thinking up ways to give us consumers more control over the data we create every time we search or visit a website is welcomed news. But that does not mean we are free of online tracking, nor does it mean that you should expect anything close to true privacy on the Web. The only way to achieve that, from now until eternity, is to log off entirely. And good luck with that.”

With that said, will privacy settings and ad tracking really change? Will behavioral targeted with SEM become more restrictive and costly for the advertiser, or will it be the exact opposite? Will we consumers have better control over privacy and our web profile?

I agree with the sentiments from the author above. I accept that if I shop online, and the stilettos stalk me throughout the web, social and eventually, on my mobile devices, then as the consumer, I still have the power to log off, click to buy or choose to ignore….for now.


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