“Shall I compare thee [social media] to a summer’s day…”

I begin this blog with a marriage of social media and sonnets, or maybe I should give it the status of “it’s complicated”, that would be more appropriate. I chose my blog title as “Social Sonnets” because I wanted to incorporate both social media and poetry in my discussion blog, two passions of mine. Could the old world of sonnets “friend” the ever-changing social media platforms? Dare I compare Shakespearean sonnets to Tweets and hash tags? Would Milton approve of my blog today?

What I love about social media and digital communications are content strategy and structure within each different platform, thus trying to be creative, strategic and relevant in that 140 character limit. Challenged by that structure, we strive to be compelling and engaging. 

Like a sonnet’s structure and strict rhyme scheme, social media has it’s own rhythm and style as well. I am not suggesting that my recent status on Facebook is on equal standing to a stanza in a Shakespearean sonnet, but I do aspire to compose valued and fresh content within the contexts of tweets, posts, blogs, pics or videos in my current position and for my clients. 




About Social Sonnets

Story teller, writer, dreamer, mother and wife.
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2 Responses to “Shall I compare thee [social media] to a summer’s day…”

  1. Interesting Abi, I came at it from a different angle with All the World’s a Stage.

  2. Palmersan says:

    Unique idea! I’m intrigued.

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