A wise phrase from Yoda is my motivation to dust off these keys and blog…

“Do. Or Do Not. There is no try.” The most memorable quote from Yoda illuminating his undeniable wisdom as he tries to bestow on Skywalker, the restless, young Jedi in training. This universal truth and most popular of Yoda phrases has motivated me once again to dust of these keys and write.

About a year ago, I began this blog to infuse my passion of words with professional insights of this digital stratosphere, but somehow, I would allow work and life obligations to steer me on a different path or excuses not to reflect, write and share. Somehow a year got away with no time to blog, no time to be me and no time to grow.

As I rang in the new year back in SoCal, I have decided that this year is the year of introspection, of getting back to the passion of writing personally and professionally, of being and blogging. So here goes…thank you Yoda for the advice.

Yoda and me in San Anselmo, CA.

Yoda and me in San Anselmo, CA.

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“You see, techn…

“You see, technically, chemistry is the study of matter, but I prefer to see it as the study of change: Electrons change their energy levels. Molecules change their bonds. Elements combine and change into compounds. But that’s all of life, right? It’s the constant, it’s the cycle. It’s solution, dissolution. Just over and over and over. It is growth, then decay, then transformation. It is fascinating, really.” — Walter White, Season 1, Ep. 1, “Pilot”

Walter, chemistry teacher to Heisenberg to the decay he became in the end, but honest and died with his Baby Blue- Perfection! Thank you Breaking Bad for the best and “bad ass” ride this past 5 seasons! Have an A1 day!

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Will stilettos no longer stalk me on the web?

I must admit that I am not always the most diligent with privacy settings on my browser. I do try and block as many tracking devices as possible, but I occasionally get stalked by my shopping habit. As I peruse throughout the web, the bag, shoe or perfect LBD ad pops up convincing this fashionista to buy the “must-haves” left in her online shopping bag.

It’s has been reported that Google is creating its own tracking device called AdID. Here’s a great synopsis of Google’s new strategy to replace the Cookie, specifically 3rd party Cookies on the web. This was extracted from DigitalTrends.com, “Google wants to reinvent the browser cookie – should you be thrilled or terrified?” by Andrew Couts:

“Google has the power to lead the online advertising industry down a new path, so it thinking up ways to give us consumers more control over the data we create every time we search or visit a website is welcomed news. But that does not mean we are free of online tracking, nor does it mean that you should expect anything close to true privacy on the Web. The only way to achieve that, from now until eternity, is to log off entirely. And good luck with that.”

With that said, will privacy settings and ad tracking really change? Will behavioral targeted with SEM become more restrictive and costly for the advertiser, or will it be the exact opposite? Will we consumers have better control over privacy and our web profile?

I agree with the sentiments from the author above. I accept that if I shop online, and the stilettos stalk me throughout the web, social and eventually, on my mobile devices, then as the consumer, I still have the power to log off, click to buy or choose to ignore….for now.

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“A New Hope” with future Star Wars films

As a devout Star Wars fan and believer in the ways of the force, I am hopeful that the new Star Wars films, acquired by Disney will bring back the magic and mystery of the original trilogy and its characters that was tragically absent in the prequels. 

As an old school Star Wars fan, I have introduced all six movies to my 8 year old daughter and almost 3 year old son. When my son heard Darth Vader’s breathing and then appearance out of the smoke on the rebel ship in “A New Hope”, he was mesmerized.  

Both my children prefer the original trilogy over the CGI glitzy prequels because of the characters and the story. Whether they laugh at the comic duo of C-3PO and R2, hide behind pillows at Vader and the Emperor, strut around the house as Han Solo, or try to use the force to sneak more snacks, the future success lies in the story-telling. 

When I was in college, the original trilogy was once again released in theaters. I waited in line for 6 hours with my fellow friends recalling our Star Wars experience as kids. I don’t think my children have really yet to experience that magic.

I am hopeful that I will be able to take my children to the first showing of these new films as my dad took me for “Return of the Jedi.” A memory that I will never forget, holding on to my dad’s arm in a death grip as I watched the final light saber fight of father and son, while trying to eat my Junior Mints…a truly awesome childhood moment.

Yes, please Disney bring back that magic moment for my kids with some doses of humor and “cool factor” of Han Solo for a truly devout Star War fan! 

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You Know You’re a Military Spouse When…

Proud wife of Marine, all these ring true! (optional)

Branching Out

sunset-on-baseMilitary life is a funny thing. Nothing ever seems to stay the same, but somehow, we embrace change as our “normal.” Finding civilian friends who understand your “normal” is another funny, yet rare thing – much like a unicorn. We know they’re out there, and when we find one, it’s magical. While not all of our civilian friends understand military life, there’s always a military spouse out there who can relate to the exact place you’re at in your life.

In honor of your “normal,” here are a few of the funnier ways you know you’re a military spouse:

  • You have enjoyed a beautiful sunset on your installation, complete with barbed wire fences in the view.
  • The majority of your laundry consists of camouflage, green shirts, and brown socks. If you’re Navy or Coast Guard, it’s blue shirts and black socks.
  • You can pack and unpack a house within a couple…

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The “GYPSY” in me adorned with unicorn and rainbows?

A recent blog “Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy” defines Gen Y Yuppies as “Gen Y Protagonists & Special Yuppies, or GYPSYs. A GYPSY is a unique brand of yuppie, one who thinks they are the main character of a very special story.”

Am I a GYPSY? In the blog, the author uses graphs to depict the happiness paradigm for each generation i.e. Happiness = Reality – Expectations with regards to career paths. The author states that my grandparents (great generation) and my parents (baby boomers) happiness and the “American Dream” was achieved with hard work and realistic goals . While my generation is more about delusion, entitlement and hyper-inflated lives perpetuated on social media. I love the images of unicorns and rainbows in this blog. But I cannot associate with “Yuppie”, the 80’s “American Psycho” imagery, but I digress here.

If I am a GYPSY, am I unhappy? Not really. And I owe it to my parents. They instilled in me the hard work ethic and the importance of education. They taught me humility and to be grateful always. I was loved. I felt special, but I never felt entitled. My life has been challenging with career, kids, marriage, life, etc. with set-backs and ups’n downs, but it’s not the end of the world as we know it.

While I agree with some of the author’s theories and social media, I wish it would have expanded beyond the focus of career path because my career only is one part of my happiness. I have two amazing children and a supportive spouse ,and we strive for our “Individual and Family Dream” which is very different from my parents, sisters, friends, etc. Personally, I think the economy crisis, technology and mobility in the workplace as well as the dissolving middle class are catalysts for the decline of the so-called “American Dream.”

Though I can’t see the “GYPSY” in me, I am ambitious about my life; I strive to be the protagonist. I maybe sometimes feel “special”, or I like to describe it more as”worthy” to contribute to this world, so I guess then, bring on the unicorns and rainbows and the “delusions of grandeur” (Han Solo shout out). Life is a journey, not a destination…..

 Read blog here http://www.huffingtonpost.com/wait-but-why/generation-y-unhappy_b_3930620.html

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Can Fractals Explain the Social Media Phenomenon?

I was inspired by a blog “All the World’s A Stage”, in which the author, Ellen Waldren, describes social media as “an almost limitless, bottomless pit of information, the more I read the more there is to read.  Rather like a legendary labyrinth, round and round, turning one corner, to be faced with another choice.” 

I found her metaphor fascinating as I have used fractals to explain social media. Fractals can be identified in nature like coastlines and snowflakes, in artwork like Dali. The properties of fractals such as self-similar, dimension and iterative formation are attributes to explain this infinite highway of tweets, re-tweets, forwards, posts, etc. from one original source i.e. this blog.

Below is an excellent example showing the transformation of the Koch Snowflake, starting with a basic triangle, and one can watch how it is transformed. Imagine that the triangle is this blog and then this blog is shared, divided and re-posted other platforms. The original link is still there, it’s just divided and filtered throughout, but the original essence is still there, i.e. fractals.




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“Shall I compare thee [social media] to a summer’s day…”

I begin this blog with a marriage of social media and sonnets, or maybe I should give it the status of “it’s complicated”, that would be more appropriate. I chose my blog title as “Social Sonnets” because I wanted to incorporate both social media and poetry in my discussion blog, two passions of mine. Could the old world of sonnets “friend” the ever-changing social media platforms? Dare I compare Shakespearean sonnets to Tweets and hash tags? Would Milton approve of my blog today?

What I love about social media and digital communications are content strategy and structure within each different platform, thus trying to be creative, strategic and relevant in that 140 character limit. Challenged by that structure, we strive to be compelling and engaging. 

Like a sonnet’s structure and strict rhyme scheme, social media has it’s own rhythm and style as well. I am not suggesting that my recent status on Facebook is on equal standing to a stanza in a Shakespearean sonnet, but I do aspire to compose valued and fresh content within the contexts of tweets, posts, blogs, pics or videos in my current position and for my clients. 



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